Monday, September 24, 2012

beautiful monday

5.00 a.m

suddenly, I was smell something delicious..I think I'm still dreaming but the truth, it is in reality.
when I turn around, hahahaha my mum was fried curry puffs my favourite ouhh..:)
then I woke up and pack my things. later I go for bath and prayer

6.20 a.m

just leaving home with my sister..luckily I arrived earlier..if not I'll be late for my class..because I missed my U605 bus..what class in the morning of course web technology..:)..I love to entered this class..

7.30 a.m

arrived at UITM..:) so early...hihihi..class start 8.45 a.m today..
today's lesson quite interesting..about web architecture..
now, I can differentiate between web page and web site..:)..ohhh..
madam...mention about web page that is dynamic, static and active..which category my blog could be????

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