Monday, September 17, 2012

my new journey as part 4 student


as usual when application for college resident opened..all students fill the form.. dup..dap..dup...dap..time to see the result..taraaa..your application is failed..oh my god..:(..i try for the second time..hahaha...the answer was still same..:P..btw it's ok for me..lalalala..i have prepared it's be ok for me then..

1st class
wow..amazing i have reached the UITM at 7.50 o' heart was excited and scared to entered my first class in this semester..:)...story for the excited..when i passed the class of BK21..i think that the class was opened..while i trying to open the door the "abang "who always open the door pass by me..what..i don't know where should i put my face..hahahahaha...:) first class is ITT544 or WEB TECHNOLOGY..this courses was teaches by madam NOR SHAHNIZA BT KAMAL BASHAH..
web tech is the short for it..this subject quite interesting to me..and the lecturer was really sporting..i love to be in this class..:)

2nd class

me n nursyahirah..:D class today at 2.10 o'clock..this time my class at lab M04..during lab session...madam was assigned us a project..each groups at least have 2 or 3 person only..and i as usual with my best partner NUR SYAHIRAH BT MOHD we decide to have the pet treatments online..and we are going to use the netbean software as the platform..we need to have the abstract and sent it during the lab session for the following week..after we have finished our discussion during the lab session, so the web tech was ended for the week..

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