Thursday, September 20, 2012

degree course

NETCENTRIC COMPUTING : I do not know what it is about actually..:-)..I just follow my feeling to choose this program..and my friends who taking this program influence me and give me some advice to take this program..

ahakz...I want to shared something with all the blogger readers..the main reason why I choose this program because I want to avoid the math subject..:D..unluckily I need to take the mathematical logic and proving technique subject..and luckily only one semester I have to take it..:).. I'm so happy with that..

after, cope with this course for a semester..I think this course quite tough and hard to learn..but praise to ALLAH..I got good result for my final examination last semester..ALHAMDULILLAH

with all my strength and determination I will continue my journey as part 4 student..:)..hopefully this semester will be ok than before..let's pray together..

NETCOM is the club under the netcentric computing course

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